Training and Specialization for Groomers

A 25 years tested teaching method.  Theory and practice melt to create a technical base allowing the students to develop the grooming profession with assurance and capacity. The length of the course is related to the individual experience.  Beginners will follow the two months basic course: they will learn how to use products and tools and all breeds grooming lines will be taught. At the end of the course students will be able to groom any dog breed, starting from bathing and drying to clipping, scissoring or handstripping.   Time and practice will make feeling the students more secure and faster in doing their work  

Specializing courses are aimed at the knowledge of the lines as well as of the breed standards.  In 20 days the technique allowing to improve the search and the finishing of the cuts is developed.  

Weekly and daily courses are addressed to groomers wishing to improve their own technique on one or more breeds.

Formation course  - Specializing course - Monographic course

Every student will receive a certificate